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Benedictine monastery of Milano

The Benedictine monastic family of perpetual adoration has its permanent home in the center of milan,offering to the Lord every day and night in prayer all anxiety,the suffering,joy and hope of all brothers and sisters in the world.

Our days are accompanied by the sound of the church bell, that invites us to unite in choir for our community addition each one of us spends every day at least one hour in silent adoration of Jesus,present in the Eucharist,the Sacrament of love. Time dedicated to prayer becomes like this the "motor",which gives the strength to work inside the monastry in a climat of silence,of busy and serene concentration,and of a joyful offering of our lives for the love of each brother and sister.

Prayer and work nourish our fraternal life,which consists in the common desire to live together like the apostles,constantly looking at Jesus,at His mother Mary's school and at our abbess , 

Our separation from this world through enclosureis not disinterrest for who lives outside the monastry but simply a means  which enables us to concentrate all our energies on the Lord,without distraction, to sintezise our capacity for loving our next one with the mesure of the heart of Jesus,dilated to infinity. Noone is estrange to us,because everyone is loved by Jesus....also you visiting this site!Visita il Monastero